Kicking off 2019 with a New-Zealand/Asia tour with 19 concert dates across New-Zealand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, Shana Pearson is gaining recognition worldwide as in indie artist. She released her brand new single “You Got It”, which was presented for the first time live during the tour.

She released her indie EP project called “Fearless” in October 2016, of which 5 singles were aired on radios and TVS across Switzerland, France, Algeria, Tunisia and Greece/Cyprus.

Shana has gone a long way since the release of her first album « Regarde-moi» in 2009, which received a Gold disc in Switzerland. Indeed, the song «Distress», in collaboration with the famous party-rocker and DJ Big Ali, was number 2 in the French charts for several weeks in the summer of 2011. They then toured together all over Europe that year. In 2013, Shana released her 2nd album called « Love Inferno » and opened for Justin Bieber in Strasbourg with Big Ali. Since 2014, Shana is an indie artist, which means that she does everything herself from the financial part to the promotional part and has been able to expand her horizons being aired in many countries but also doing concerts all around the world: in the USA, New-Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Algeria, Turkey, France, Greece and Czech Republic.

In 2017, she reached the Swiss finals for Eurovision with the song "Exodus", written by Swedish producers and songwriters Denniz Jamm, Andreas Stone Johansson and Mahan Moin. This allowed her to gain even more exposure on an international level. 



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